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White Fringetree, Chionanthus virginicus

A member of the olive family, the White Fringetree is a showy tree with a short trunk and narrow, oblong crown. It has dark green, glossy foliage and a pale gray trunk with bands of white. Growing up to 30’ tall, this tree grows well in sun to shade. Delicate fragrant white blossoms appear in drooping clusters in the spring. While flowers of male plants are showier than the females, both have sweetly fragranced blooms which are produced on previous year’s growth. This tree is noted for its reduced susceptibility to disease & insect pests and will tolerate some drought. It is suitable for a small space and tolerates urban conditions. 

Female plants bear fruit that is attractive to wildlife. Many birds eat the olive-like blue fruit and the flowers attract pollinators. It is a confirmed larval host for Rustic Sphinx Moths.

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